Management and operation and leadership with responsibility for results

In Germany, we have been developing and operating and operate nine facilities for many years of different levels of care. With 1,800 beds, 2,280 employees and an annual volume of around € 140 million we are responsible for all levels of active management at all levels of active hospital management.

1800 Betten 2280 mitarbeiter ca. 140 .000.000€ investitionsvolumen

China – Shanghai Region

Nursing resort with 737 residents based on the German model in residential groups of 12-15 residents.

Of which:
243 general care
12 day care
36 residents with dementia
12 neurological care phase F
446 assisted living

Medical practices, outpatient rehabilitation clinic, TCM medicine, restaurants, swimming pool, supermarket, cinema, theatre, library, dance rooms, play areas, music rooms, karaoke studio, pharmacy, medical supply store, dry cleaner, alteration tailor, bank branch, hairdresser’s studio, cosmetics studio, hand and foot care, parcel counter

2 .5 Jahre bauzeit 410 mitarbeiter ca. 220 .000.000€ investitionsvolumen

Portugal – Lisbon

Luso-Alemao Hospital
Time period of development: 1998-2001
120 beds for basic and standard care in the greater Lisbon area
Investment volume approx. 40 million €

120 Betten ca. 40 .000.000€ investitionsvolumen
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