• Optimization of operating costs, leveraging cost reduction potentials and Increasing revenues
  • Generation of additional revenues, e. E.g. by winning new customer groups, Entering new healthcare fields, Optimization of billing, etc.
  • Detailed optimization of personnel requirements planning and introduction and further development of performance recording systems
  • Up-to-date and clear reporting system (Controlling & Reporting): from information analysis
  • becomes a strategic concept
  • Introduction of medium- to long-term target planning
  • Involvement of all employees in the project goals
  • Analysis and selection of suitable partners
  • Budget and revenue management
  • New forms of care, cooperations and mergers in the healthcare sector, Mergers & Acquisitions, Project Management & moderation:
    • Medical care centers (MVZ)
    • Contract Physicians Amendment Act
    • Private practice systems
    • Health centers
    • Disease management programs
    • Integrated care models
    • Direct contracts between health insurers and providers
  • Analysis and selection of suitable partners
  • Budget and revenue management

Strategy and development

We develop future strategies for your institution, position it successfully in the market and continuously review strategy and structure with regard to the defined objectives.

We support you in the development, planning and implementation of content-related goals and orientations and provide concrete assistance with organisational questions and administrative tasks.

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  • Support through active management and the central knowledge pool of Tertia Med in crisis management, reorganization management, development and implementation of new business concepts, bridging vacancies and supplementation of know-how as well as temporary reinforcement of resources
  • Program & project management (e.g. implementation of reporting systems, optimization of purchasing, sales or production processes)
  • Exceptional company situation (such as realignment, restructuring, company acquisition or -sale)


Our office supports you – also on project level – operationally with highly skilled management for a defined period (short-, medium- and long-term) in the management of your of your medical facility. The most important goals are economic operation, the avoidance of losses and an adequate return on sales.

With a temporary management we bring our competence in different fields of application (stand-alone solution or in cooperation with your existing hospital management which continues to operate in parallel).

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  • Measures in the area of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, content marketing and the Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Tertia Med helps you to attract in the medium to long term new patients and interested parties for for your company and increases your visibility in the organic search engine results. We support you in the successful generation of skilled workers and the strengthening your employer brand.


Our support in the area of online marketing helps you to create a substantial and sustainable digital image or to improve the already existing image. This includes both the presentation in “clinic marketing” resp. the presentation of the core competencies of your core competencies as well as the “employer branding on the Internet.

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We see communication in the health sector as a demanding and multifaceted challenge. You speak to patients, employees, investors, authorities and many others.

We know your market and we know the relevant target groups.

We support you in

  • Brand management and campaigns
  • corporate design
  • Print and online
  • Text, editing and public relations


Success in attracting employees and dialogue at eye level with all relevant contacts up to politics – this is best achieved with a strong brand.

We develop brand personalities that fascinate, touch and inspire. Give them voice and tonality. We consciously control the development of their defining characteristics with the aim of shaping them into unmistakable and distinctive brands. Unique and familiar at the same time – positioned in the market environment with the necessary distinctiveness.

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